Nutrition for half marathon

Running any long distance race requires special care to be taken regarding nutrition and recovery. This post shares my experience regarding nutrition, the food I ate while training and the food on the day of the race and a day prior to the race.

Unless you are running for weight loss program, in all likelihood running will increase your appetite. My appetite increased by 50%, on some days it increased by 100%. If you want to become an endurance runner, your food should mainly consists of carbohydrate(>65%) and proteins (15-20%) and the rest of it in fats(15%).

My consumption of rice increased by 50-100% from the time I started training for the half marathon. Rice was my chief source of carbohydrates. Also, I use to eat cereals and bananas for carbs. I use to eat 2 eggs(boiled) daily and also took a supplementary protein powder(12 grams) daily, which provided me with my protein requirements. Once every week I use to consume 400 grams of chicken. I didn’t pay much attention to fats consumption, whatever I was getting from daily diet was sufficient. I used to take vitamins and calcium supplements in tablet form.

On my running days, I use to eat a banana and go for the run. After running, I used to have a cup of hot milk chocolate and protein powder along with couple of more bananas. In the lunchtime I uses to have rice, pulses, couple of eggs, potatoes. In the evening I had cereals along with tea. Once in a while, I would have a chocolate ice-cream. In the night, I had rice, pulses and beet root.

Couple of days before the race, you have to decrease the fibre content in your food and increase the carbohydrate content like glucon-d or glucose. Also avoid eating fatty foods. Protein intake keep stable or decrease, do not increase it.

On the day of the race I had tea along with couple of toast(Bread). Also, I had a couple of banana and  half beet root(boiled).

The cost of this food turns out to be Rs1500 extra, on what I was already spending on my food.


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