Recovery from running

This post describes how one should try to recovery after a long run. Running is very intensive exercise, you end up burning a lot of calories, which have to be recovered quickly. Also running is an impact exercise which can cause damage to your feet, knees, hip, various muscles of the legs and spine.

I find stretching immediately after running to be very useful in terms of recovery for next run. If you stretch your leg muscles properly then you can recover very quickly, otherwise on next day your legs will be in pain.

Your body’s immune system is at its weakest immediately after a long run for next 5-6 hours. Immediately after your run is complete you must have a cup of milk chocolate(coco powder) along with some form of protein (powder, eggs) along with carbohydrate say banana. If you have run for more than 40 minutes then it is necessary to replace the salts you lost from your body, so electrolye is necessary after long runs. More about nutrition can be found here.

Whatever soreness you have, should be iced immediately. Continue to apply ice for 15 mins every two hours. You must place your legs above your heart for 60 to 90 seconds once in a while. Any injury which doesn’t heal after 2/3 days it is advisable to visit the doctor. Most running injuries will heal by rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE). Use compression bandages only when in motion, never use them when you are asleep. Strengthening your muscles with various exercise and increasing your weekly mileage not more than 10% is the best way to avoid injuries.


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