Running Techniques and common injuries

By following better running practices helps one to run longer injury free. Also, it always helps one to run a greater distance with lesser effort. In this post I will post a couple of links which helped me in making a better runner.

If one is new to running and has never ran more than a km, then one should consider walking as initial objective. Once you can walk for a considerable period of time, say 30 minutes, you can start running, as your bones and muscles get used to it. Also, from my personal experience I would say never walk more than 6 km, if your ultimate aim is running.

Link 1 : This video teaches everything you want to know about modern running.

Link 2 : This one teaches how to bend from ankle and more.

Once you start running regularly, some time or later, you are bound to get injured. In fact 85% of runners get injured. The common running injuries are hamstrings, shin splits, knee injuries, IT band syndrome, and feet injuries like plantar fasciitis. Below is the video which explains in details.

This concludes my running series. In this series I have covered all the basic aspects of getting you started with long distance running. Happy Running.


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