Micromax funbook user experience and review P300


I have been using micromax funbook for past 6 months on regular basis. I use it daily for about 10 hours. In this post I would like to share my experience with the tablet. This has been my first tablet and I have never used any kind of smartphone before, also this is my first experience with andriod operating system,
I brought the tablet from Vijay stores and the buying was quite easy, I went to the store, the salesman showed me the tablet and I was impressed with the graphics, so I decided to buy readily, The aim behind buying the tablet was to  read books, but it is more than that, in fact it is a full fledge computing device and also a online TV. The cost of the tablet in the month of June 2012 was Rs 6.500.
The specification of the tablet is as follows 1.2GHz Cortex A8, Dual Mali -400 2D/3D GPU, Display 17.78cm, 0.3 VT camera, Memory 4gb/512Mb , battery 2800 mAh, supports wifi 802.11 b/g, HDMI outlet, micro USB port, has 2 sensors gravity and accelerator, supports capacitive multi-touch pinch zoom.
I have found the only issue with the tablet is that the battery life is very low, it gives me 4+ hours with very low brightness screen with wi-fi on. Also to re-charge the battery takes same amount of time. Also I had to change the battery once during the past 6 months which was done free of cost at micromax service centre promptly. I just needed to fill a single form and the battery was replaced within 15 minutes. Also my tablet time doest not remain in sync, i have enabled the network time, so when its online, it would once in a while do sync properly.
The only other weakness I found was the default browser which comes with the tablet crashes frequently. Its better to use other browsers. Opera I found worked quite well.The tablet do hangs once in a while, a simple reboot works everytime.
The plus point of the tablet is its amazing

graphics processor, you can watch TV, youtube and amazed by its clarity. Also games like Temple run, Angry birds, etc work very well with this tablet. The sound quallity is mono for the speaker. If you have good headphones then the sound quality is good. Browsing on the tablet is very easy, also navagation within the tablet is easy. The touch is very responsive at all corners.

Plus points: Graphics, Price, Touch, Price/Performance
Negative : Battery life, Charging time, Time synchronization issues, Default browser, Camera
Rating : 4/5
I have used this tablet extensively for browsing, playing games, video, reading, watching online TV.


One thought on “Micromax funbook user experience and review P300

  1. Hay, use Crome for browsing rather than using any other 3rd party application, it is lite and very simple to use. Since android operating system and Crome Browser both are google products, you will not face any glitches while using crome, it is optimised it for the operating system that you use.


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