Trip to Uttarakhand – Part 11 (Mussouri, Janmashtami at Triveni Ghat)


Mussouri Hills

On the way to Mussouri Hills

Day 14: 10th Aug 2012 : I woke up early in the morning, last night I had inquired about how to goto Dehradun and Mussouri. There are hourly buses from Rishikesh to Dehradun. I caught one of the early morning bus and within an hour or so was in Derhadun, here it was raining like it rains in Mumbai, in fact I felt I am in Mumbai. From Derhadun, I needed to change the bus

Tourist Bus

Tourist Bus

stand to goto Mussouri, somehow I got here, here I had my breakfast and waited for Mussouri bus. Finally got one and reached Mussori in another hour or so. The road towards Mussouri is very scenic one, it is a typical mountain road full of turns. Mussouri is at an altitude of 2000m. It is a steep climb from Dehradun which is on the plains.

By the time I reached Mussouri, the rain had diminished, and after sometime it stopped completely. I booked my ticket in one of

Santura Devi Temple

Santura Devi Temple

the tourist bus available, it cost me Rs 200. The bus goes from one end to another end and shows you 5-6 tourist spots. It will only start when the bus is completely filled up. First they will take you to Santura Devi Temple, it is a temple located on a hillock. I along with fellow tourist had darshan there. Here a leech bit me and started sucking, luckily one of the guy from bus helped me in removing it, it was first time bitten by leech. The guy who helped me was a part of 3 member group from Delhi, who had recently got jobs and where out to enjoy without informing there parents. I hung out with this group till the next destination which was Kempty Falls.

Kempty Falls is the other end of the bus tour, there was a landslide, so the bus had to stop before reaching the spot and all the tourist had to take a much more hazardous route to go till the actual falls, it was good 1 km trek. Not everyone did that though, lot of them stayed in bus, me along with these 3 guys went to the falls, got some clothes on hire and entered the falls. Here we can get shorts, towels, bathing suits on hire. After spending sometime in the cold water, I had some food. We where back in bus by 1.30 pm. Our next destination was Nag Devta Mandir, which is a mandir dedicated to Nag (cobra snake). The final destination was Mussoorie

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls

Lake, it was on the way towards Derhadun. I had a boating session there, I asked the tour operator to drop me here, as I was heading back towards Derhadun.

The bus to Derhadun arrived quickly, and by 5.00 pm I was on the outskirts of the city. I wanted to visit the archeological Survey Of India building which carried out the great trigonometric survey of India, so I got down in between, and searched for the building for an hour, but with no luck. Finally, it was getting late, so I took the shared auto and went to bus stop. Here I got into Punjab State Transport bus which was heading towards Rishikesh. I was back in Rishikesh by 7.00 pm. I had my dinner and then headed towards Triveni Ghat.

As it was Lord Krishna Janmashtami (Birth of Lord Krishna), I didn’t want to miss the celebration at Triveni ghat, there where lots of people on the road towards the Ghat. I reached the ghat at 8.30 pm, here there where lots of tents erected displaying Lord Krishna childhood and various other stories associated with his life. It was quite an experience

Krishna Janmastami at triveni ghat

Krishna Janmastami at triveni ghat

to be at this place, never had I seen more grand Janmashtami.

I was getting tired, also I was unsure how safe the place is at midnight so I decided to leave early. By 9.30 pm I left Triveni ghat, throughly enjoying what I saw. By 10.00 pm I was in my hotel .

The travel cost Rs 400 for the day, the room rent was Rs 250  and the food cost for the day was Rs 330.

© Pilankar

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