Trip to Uttarakhand – Concluding part

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Day 16: 12th Aug 2012 : I woke up early in the morning, had shower in cold water, felt refreshed. My train to Delhi was at 6.00 am. Reached the station on time, found my bogie and was seated in no time. My train was 18478/Kalinga Utkal Express, it starts from Haridwar and reached Delhi at 11.40 am. I was seated alone, had an army person in front seat, who was heading to goa. I had decided to eat everything that a hawker was going to offer till Delhi. I ended up drinking tea, eating steamed peas, baked corn, and more. The train reached Delhi Hazrat Nizzamudin on time. My next train to Mumbai was at 3.40 pm (12910/H.Nizamuddin-Bandra Terminus Garib Rath Express).
I had few hours to spend on the station, I went outside had lunch in the nearest restaurant, for first time in 15 days I had meat, there is no meat available in Uttarakhand in most places. The food was average, the prices where not, it was expensive. Checked with the railway staff about the scheduled arrival of the train, the train was on time. Brought the India Today Independence Day special magazine. There was nothing special to read in that. By that time, the train arrived, found my compartment and boarded the train. The train arrived in Mumbai on time, got down and was at home by 8.00 am on 13th Aug.

The food cost for the day was Rs 360.


I would like to thanks the following websites and their blogger/users for helping in planning my trip.

I was able to walk more than 90+ km. The total cost of the trip was around Rs 14,000. The high point of the trip was Kedarnath, Badrinath, Pipalkoti crossing, Rishikesh, Neelkant Mahadev and final day in Haridwar. The low point was VOF and lodge stay at Gopeshwar, though I enjoyed the town of Gopeshwar. Below is the slide show for those who enjoy images than reading.

© Pilankar.

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