EsselWorld BigNite 2013/14

Gorai, Global Vipassana Pagoda and EsselWorld in background

2013 Last sunset from Gorai with Global Vipassana Pagoda and EsselWorld in background

This year I celebrated the advent of New Year at EsselWorld, it was an awesome night. Being in Esselworld at night itself was an amazing experience. The park was decorated with various colorful lights, also the rides where wonderfully decorated. There was a parade after midnight, there was a band to welcome all the visitors to the park, it was a surreal experience.

I had begin my day as normal without any plans of celebrating the new year in any special way, then on radio I heard about BigNite at Esselworld and decided to jump in the festive mood. Fearing that I would not get ticket, I landed at the Gorai creek at about 5.30 pm on the 31st of

Fab5 EsselWorld

Fab5 EsselWorld

Dec 2013, unaware that the ticket window would open only after 7:00 pm. I decided to hang around till that time. Watched the year 2013’s last sunset from the pier with Global Vipassana Pagoda and Esselworld in the background. The ticket window opened sometime after 7:00 pm, there where around 100+ people in the queue, got the ticket of the ferry for Rs 50, the actual ticket had to be bought at Esselworld itself, which cost Rs 1190 for the Bignite. The crowd was in festive mood. We embarked on the ferry and crossed the creek in 20 mins with the night view of the Gorai island on one side and Borivali on the other side.

Upon landing on the Gorai side around 8.00 pm, we had to buy tickets, there were not many people at that time. We were greeted by a live band at the entrance. Also there were coupons avaliable for dinner which where reasonably priced (Rs 170-270). Once I entered the

EsselWorld BigNite 2013

EsselWorld BigNite 2013

park, it was quite a sight; I have been to Esselworld 3 times plus once to Water Kingdom, so this was my fifth visit, but the first night one. If you are a fan of amusement parks, then Esselworld at night should be on your cards. It was like a Diwali night, there were lights everywhere, on trees, grassbanks, across the roads in all kinds of colors.

The first ride of the night was Shot n Drop, it is a free fall tower of 190 feet, with the pagoda in the background. You get the full view of esselworld from the top. Its a very short ride, gets over in less than a minute. The second ride was Monster, which as the name suggest is truly monstrous ride, it will for sure give you some pain in the neck region, not recommended for faint hearted. The ride duration is close to 4 minutes. I was able to video record all my rides during this visit.

Top Spin @ EsselWorld

Top Spin @ EsselWorld

The third ride was TOP SPIN, according to me the best ride of the park, it is a relitavely  new ride, in which you are seated in a common open compartment, which can rotate 360 degrees. Initally the operator makes you go round and round, after some rotations he starts to roate the compartment 360, it gives you a high, also there is fountain in front of the ride, so get ready to become wet. The duration of the ride is more than 4 minutes.

I also rode Enterprise, Rainbow, Thunder, Hoola-Loop and Copper Chopper and Monster in the Mist. Only Chopper and the Mist is for kids and family, rest of the rides are only for fit adults. Hoola-Loop is a 360 degree roller coaster, personally had tough time, though it was a very short ride. Sitting in Rainbow was nostlagic, it offers the whole view of the park, used to be a personal favourite once upon a time. Thunder is a swing which does a full circle for a considerable period

Copper Chopper EsselWorld

Copper Chopper, EsselWorld

of time. Highly recommended for those who are adventerous, ride duration is 4+ minutes. Enterprise starts as merry go around and then turns into a giant wheel, ride duration is 2.30 mins.

The main attraction of the night was disco by DJ Ramji Gulati, it was held near the Dodgem (used to be called dashing car). The lights and sound was good, but the DJing was not, there where more than 20,000+ people in the park for the Bignite. There was also a smaller scale disco. The mood at both the places was electrifying, I was at the bigger disco when the clock struck 12. There were brief fireworks at that time, it lasted for 10 mins. After that there was a parade consisting of the FAB5, hawaii dancer, jugglers, dancer, fire artist and gypsy like dancers. It was fun.

I decided to call off the festivities at 1.30 pm, reached borivali shore by 2.00 pm, then had a long walk home. Overall I would personally recommend going to the EsselWorld Bignite for various reasons like visitng the park at night time, carnival like atmosphere, not much crowd for the rides, ample space, etc.


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