Gorai Beach. Borivali, Mumbai

Gorai Beach Sunset

Gorai Beach Sunset

Gorai beach is one day getaways near Mumbai. The easiest way to reach the beach is from Borivali. From borivali reach the gorai creek, take a boat ride (Rs 10 one way) to go across to gorai island, from there are rickshaws(Rs 100 one way) available which

Gorai Boat

Gorai boat

will take you to gorai beach which is about 5 km away.
The other way to reach the beach is from  Mira Bhayandar road(Uttan).

Panoromic View Gorai

Panoromic View Gorai

The beach is dark in colour, there is ample space. It’s not all that crowded. Has all the regular ferriwallas. Also there is tanga(horse carriage) available on the beach. On one side of the beach there are bungalows with coconut

Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach


There are other attactions on Gorai island like esselworld and global vipasana pagoda.


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