Bamnoli, Boating till Tapola in Shivsagar Lake and Kaas Lake

Shivsagar Lake, Bamnoli side

Shivsagar Lake, Bamnoli side

After visiting the Kas pathar in the morning, I decided to goto Bamnoli from where one can get a boat ride

Shivsagar Lake

Shivsagar Lake

to Tapola the base of Mahabaleshwar. Bamnoli is located 15 km from the Kas pathar. I took the after ST which arrives at 1.30 pm. The road climbs till the Kas lake and from there it’s all downhill with good views of the Shivsagar Lake, which is formed due to Koyna dam.

Bamnoli is a small village besides the lake and is completely dependent on it for revenues. From Bamnoli there are various ferry rides to Datta Mandir(45 mins), Tapola(1 hour), Vasota fort and Nageshwar Temple (Complete Day), etc. I had decided to take the Tapola ferry which cost Rs 630 for 6 persons. As there was not sufficient visitors I shared with only 2 other persons, so per head it was Rs

Boating in Shivsagar Lake

Boating in Shivsagar Lake

210. It is fun scenic ride, though the boat is just a motor boat, not a power boat, the noise of the engine is very loud. On the one side you see the Mahabaleshwar hill station and on the other side you see the windmills. There is accommodation available in Bamnoli, but is expensive, the food quality is average.

After the boat ride, I visited the Kas Lake, its 12 km from Bamnoli, it is a small lake which supplies water to Satara, there are lots of hotels/eateries around this place. One cannot have any food at Kas pathar, so have to come here in this village. It’s a nice picnic spot around the lake.

Kaas Lake

Kaas Lake

Finally I called the day, went back to Satara, booked a room in Monark Hotel, Rs 600 per night, decent room with hot bath and TV. So my first day of Satara trip has been completed. I was able to see Kas pathar, Bamnoli boat ride, and Kas Lake. Tomorrow I had plans for Thoseghar Waterfalls and Sajjangad.


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