There is no business like Sairat business

The recent success of the Marathi film “Sairat” has once again

Sairat Marathi Film Poster

Sairat Marathi Film Poster

proven that there is no business like show business, with the film made from budget of 4 crores raking in more than 90+ cores and still running strong in its 7th week. The film is directed by showman Nagraj Manjule who has won National awards for his short film Pistulya and his first feature film Fandry. Nagraj Manjule has a simple thinking regarding acting “if the actors does the job well, the credit is shared by actor and director” and “if the actors are not so good, then the credit goes to the the director only”.

The movie Sairat is about a love story between a upper caste girl named Archi(Rinku Rajguru) and lower-caste boy named Parshya(Akash Thosar) and couple of Parsha’s friends Balya (Tanaji Galgunde) and Salya (Arbaz Shaikh) who help Parshya to find his love. All this 4 characters are played by brand new faces. The best part of Nagraj Manjule’s film is that you watch the whole movie in certain way and then you watch the end and keep on contempleting about the end rather than that about the movie as a whole.

The cinematography of the film is excellent, the movie has been shot mostly in Solapur district of Maharashtra, the second half is shot in Pune and Hyderebad. The music is composed by Ajay-Atul and is being liked by audience very much. Its a first Indian film to have its music recorded at Sony Scoring Stage in Hollywood. There are 4 songs in the movie, all of which have emerged hit.

The film being a strong female character oriented, Rinku Rajguru who is just 16 years old has played the role beyond her years. Personally I liked the acting of Akash Thosar the most, he had played the role of Parshya perfectly. Tanaji Galgunde plays Balya aptly, while Arbaz Shaikh is ok. Among the other characters Chhaya Kadam as Suman Akka and Suraj Pawar as Prince are wonderful. Mr Manjule is also seen in couple of scenes. Rest of the cast beings friends, relatives, anyone from the village where shoot is about to take place.

Records set by the film
1. All time Blockbuster in Marathi (90+ crores at the end of 6th week)
2. First Indian film to have its music recorded in Hollywood.
3. Shown in 66th Berlin International Film Festival under its Generation 14 Plus section.
4. Rinku Rajguru was awarded a National Film Award at the 63rd National Film Awards in 2015.
Below is the trailer, which shows all the important moments in the film still when you see the film it has lot more to offer. Very good editing in terms of trailer. I would rate the film 4/5 and the trailer as 5/5.




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