Makar Sankranti – A Hindu festival of Kite flying

Today was Makar Sankranti, the day generally falls on 14th of January every year, it is celebrated all over India and Hindus all over the northern hemisphere celebrate the day when the sun begins its northward movement. In my home state Maharashtra it is celebrated by distributing a special type of ladoo (til-gul) and men […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Part 11 (Mussouri, Janmashtami at Triveni Ghat)

  Day 14: 10th Aug 2012 : I woke up early in the morning, last night I had inquired about how to goto Dehradun and Mussouri. There are hourly buses from Rishikesh to Dehradun. I caught one of the early morning bus and within an hour or so was in Derhadun, here it was raining […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Rishikesh

  Day 12: 8th Aug 2012 : So after 9 days in the mountains, I was back on the plains again, no more worries about landslides. It was quite refreshing to be in the mountains though. I was not feeling well, as I have’nt slept the whole night, my head was spinning. I booked a […]