Sajjangad Fort, The final resting place of Saint Ramdas

Sajjangad which means “fort of good people” in Marathi language is the place where saint Ramdas took samadhi. It is a popular pilgrimage centre in Maharashtra. The fort is located about 15 km from Satara city. There are many ST buses plying from Satara, one every hour, starting from 7.30 in the morning. Having spent […]

Thoseghar Waterfalls, Satara

Thoseghar waterfalls are a series of tall waterfalls located about 26 km from Satara, Maharashtra. The height of the waterfall is disputed between 350m to 500m, if 500m then that could make them the tallest waterfalls in the country. My 2nd day in Satara started with visit to this fall, there is a 9.00 am […]

Bamnoli, Boating till Tapola in Shivsagar Lake and Kaas Lake

After visiting the Kas pathar in the morning, I decided to goto Bamnoli from where one can get a boat ride to Tapola the base of Mahabaleshwar. Bamnoli is located 15 km from the Kas pathar. I took the after ST which arrives at 1.30 pm. The road climbs till the Kas lake and from […]

Year End Blog 2013

With the year closing down, I decided to write about the things which I was able to accomplish in this year which I wasn’t able to achieve in my lifetime. I have been an avid sports fan since my childhood, but the only sporting event where the one which were shown on the television and […]