Nutrition for half marathon

Running any long distance race requires special care to be taken regarding nutrition and recovery. This post shares my experience regarding nutrition, the food I ate while training and the food on the day of the race and a day prior to the race. Unless you are running for weight loss program, in all likelihood […]

My Preparation to half marathon

This post describes how I prepared for the half marathon. This is not an ideal way to prepare for any endurance event, leave alone a half marathon. But as my circumstances had it, I had only so much time to prepare(4 weeks, of which 1 week I cound’nt train due to injury). One must have […]

2nd Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon 2012 half-marathon experience

Last Sunday i.e on 14th October 2012, I participated in my first national event of any kind, which happened to be a half marathon organized by Vasai Virar Muncipal Corporation VVMC. I was able to complete the distance in time of 2:53:14. Considering that I was injured even before the race has started and also […]