World T20 Cricket World Cup 2016

From tomorrow i.e 15th March 2016 the T20 world cup 2016 is going to start in India, though the qualifying round to main event started a week ago with Bangladesh and Afghanistan making to the top 10 teams playing for the cup. India is a place where cricket cuts across all the socio-economic backgrounds, so […]

Year End Blog 2013

With the year closing down, I decided to write about the things which I was able to accomplish in this year which I wasn’t able to achieve in my lifetime. I have been an avid sports fan since my childhood, but the only sporting event where the one which were shown on the television and […]

My Preparation to half marathon

This post describes how I prepared for the half marathon. This is not an ideal way to prepare for any endurance event, leave alone a half marathon. But as my circumstances had it, I had only so much time to prepare(4 weeks, of which 1 week I cound’nt train due to injury). One must have […]