Trip to Uttarakhand – Haridwar

I reached Haridwar by 2.30 pm, booked a room near the station, cost me Rs 300, had a TV in it. I had lassi, lunch in Haridwar. I decided to goto Hari Ki Pauri, the place where drops of amrut where spilled from celestial bird, Garuda after samudramanthan. Having bath at this spot is considered […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Part 11 (Mussouri, Janmashtami at Triveni Ghat)

  Day 14: 10th Aug 2012 : I woke up early in the morning, last night I had inquired about how to goto Dehradun and Mussouri. There are hourly buses from Rishikesh to Dehradun. I caught one of the early morning bus and within an hour or so was in Derhadun, here it was raining […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Rishikesh

  Day 12: 8th Aug 2012 : So after 9 days in the mountains, I was back on the plains again, no more worries about landslides. It was quite refreshing to be in the mountains though. I was not feeling well, as I have’nt slept the whole night, my head was spinning. I booked a […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Pipalkoti to Joshimath

  Day 6: 2nd Aug 2012 : I woke up early in the morning, the Bengali family was already awake and the guy was in meditation. They had an electric heater and helped me in having luke-warm water. I quickly had shower, did my morning chores, washed some of my clothes, etc. Since all the […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Reaching Rishikesh

  Day 1: 28th July 2012 : I had decided to carry a backpack which weigh around 12 kg when full. I had packed my bag and boarded the Garib Rath from Borivali at 5:30 pm, the train was few minutes late(scheduled arrival was 5.25 pm). The train is comfortable for the price, but the […]