Trip to Uttarakhand – Part 9 (Mana, Badrinath, Neelkanth Peak, Gopeshwar)

  Day 10: 6th Aug 2012 : I woke up early hoping to catch Neelkanth peak in its splendor with the rising sun, but much to my disappointment it was raining heavily. So I went back to sleep, woke again at 8.30 am, had breakfast there was no rain though it was still cloudy, so […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Govindghat and Badrinath

  Day 9: 5th Aug 2012 : I  woke up early in the morning, was feeling quite cold, last night I had decided to go down in the morning, but still if I could have felt better and gone to Hemkund, but it was not to be. So with the disappointment of VOF, I decided […]

Trip to Uttarakhand – Pipalkoti to Joshimath

  Day 6: 2nd Aug 2012 : I woke up early in the morning, the Bengali family was already awake and the guy was in meditation. They had an electric heater and helped me in having luke-warm water. I quickly had shower, did my morning chores, washed some of my clothes, etc. Since all the […]

Trip to Uttarkhand – Part 5 (Bus ride till Pipalkoti onway to Badrinath)

  Day 5: 1st Aug 2012 : Last night I was so tired that I wanted to take a day’s complete rest, but my partner convinced me that I should join him to Badrinath trip. I reluctantly said yes, and we woke up early in the morning, went to Gaurikund and had bath, still my […]