Kalsubai Peak Trek Descent via Indore/Indori

If the ascent of Kalsubai was fun, then the descent trek was completely a different story. As per the pujari advice, I took the northern route towards the Indore village. Kalsubai is a triangular peak with tabletop ridges on it north and south. One can also use the south ridge and reach Udhavane village, that […]

Trekking Kalsubai Peak from Bari

Trekking the moderately difficulty level mount Kalsubai Peak has been my childhood ambition, right from the school days the tallest peak in my home state always fascinated me. It’s a 1646m/5400 feet tall mountain situated in-between  Nashik and Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra, India. In this and subsequent blog post I will present […]